Western Friend Podcast

8. In Conversation with Paula Palmer

March 04, 2022
Western Friend Podcast
8. In Conversation with Paula Palmer
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In Episode 8 of the Western Friend podcast, the hosts speak with sociologist, writer, and activist Paula Palmer.  A member of Boulder Friends Meeting (IMYM), Palmer  co-coordinates “Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples,” a program of Friends Peace Teams.

In this episode, Paula shares about: 

  • the importance of collaboration and relationships
  • listening and learning from locals
  • Quaker history and boarding schools
  • a path towards healing

We were joined by a live audience, and the second half of this episode is the Q and A featuring some wonderful questions for Paula. Would you like to join us for an upcoming episode? 

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On collaboration and building relationships
On learning from locals
The role of Quakers during the era of boarding schools
On the importance of listening
The process to facilitate healing
What can we do?
On reparations and right relations
Land back
How Paula is processing this current moment
How can we better tune in to our blind spots?
Where would one start to return land?
What would accountability partnerships look like?