Western Friend Podcast

12. Bridget Moix Keynote: Faith, Fear, and Our Future

July 02, 2022 Mary Klein
Western Friend Podcast
12. Bridget Moix Keynote: Faith, Fear, and Our Future
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Episode 12 of the Western Friend Podcast features a keynote address by Bridget Moix from the last in-person gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting, 2019. Bridget Moix is the General Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and she also leads two other Quaker organizations affiliated with FCNL: Friends Place on Capitol Hill and FCNL Education Fund.

The keynote address examines the topic: Faith, Fear, and Our Future. Dr. Moix shares five lessons that she has learned from peace builders from around the world, and provides three powerful tips for folks in the audience.

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Keynote begins
The power of local action
A little background on the keynote
To bring light into the world, we must first face the darkness
Courage is a group process
Fear gets its power by isolating us
The head, the hands, and the heart
A story from Lebanon and Syria
We are the ocean of light
The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion work
3 requests of the audience
The Remix with the Soul Force Ones
Reflecting on the notion of "love connections"
Reflecting on "courage" and "love" as group processes
Reflecting on a text message and the importance of acting locally
Spirituality and finding purpose in our work
What do we do when we feel like we're not doing enough?