Western Friend Podcast

13. Keynote and Conversation with Carl Magruder

August 05, 2022
Western Friend Podcast
13. Keynote and Conversation with Carl Magruder
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Today's episode features both a keynote and conversation with Carl Magruder. Carl is a palliative care chaplin, M.A. in Divinity, and a member of the Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting. He opens with a beautiful song that leads into his Keynote address, presented at the 2022 North Pacific Yearly Meeting, the first since the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the keynote, you will hear a joyful conversation between Mr. Magruder and Soul Force Ones host Jon Stoll.

You can find links below to:
- Carl Magruder's own podcast Soulways .
- The home page for the Western Friend Podcast.
- The home page for the Soul Force Ones.

Opening song by Carl Magruder
Carl's self-introduction
Optimysticism defined
Carl's thanks to his supportive community
Grounds for despair
Grief: the beginning of the road to hope
Friends in audience name what they grieve
Grief and systems thinking
The Great Unraveling: Apocalypse
Wise hope during "The Crumbles"
Agency and activism
Optimysticism and Quakers
Transition from keynote to follow-up interview
Transformation of the Religious Society of Friends
The vital Quaker message
The glass cliff
Problems with Quaker education, solutions
Quakers' revolutionary view of children
Outreach, proselytizing, faith traditions
Spiritual wounds and strength
Quaker peace-building