Western Friend Podcast

19. Barbara Birch Interview - Elizabeth Fry & Embodied Spirituality

February 03, 2023
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Episode 19 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Barbara Birch. Barbara is a member of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, California. She discusses her research on Elizabeth Fry, embodied spirituality and its relevance to Quakers today, as well as Friendly 12-Step recovery.

Click here to read Barbara's article in Western Friend, "Eilzabeth Gurney Fry: A Quaker Mess."

Spirituality, disordered eathing, and Twelve-Step recovery
Honesty, reputation, Quaker history, Elizabeth Fry
Elizabeth Fry, alcohol and laudanum, hardships
Perfectionism, depression, healing experiences
Honesty, denial, Twelve-Step
Jesus as a flawed human
Addiction and a meaningful life
Hiding imperfections, social media, Quaker judgyness
Researching Elizabeth Fry and other historic Friends
The refiner's fire
Research on Elizabeth Fry's psychology
Elizabeth Fry's work in prisons
Embodiment, spiritual embodiment