Western Friend Podcast

25. Intergenerational Panel - Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power

August 05, 2023 Mary Klein
Western Friend Podcast
25. Intergenerational Panel - Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power
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Episode 25 features an intergenerational panel of speakers at the 2023 Annual Session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting – in conversation on the theme, “Meeting at the Corner of Wisdom and Power.” Facilitated by Paul Christansen of Eastside Friends meeting, the panelists include:  

Zane Freewyn, Multnomah Monthly Meeting

Hazel Jordan, Olympia Friends Meeting

Adam Billen, South Seattle Friends Meeting

Jane Snyder, Multnomah Monthly Meeting

Jerry Graville, Lopez Island Monthly Meeting

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Paul Christiansen frames the discussion
Panelists introduced
Zane Freewyn on difficulties between generations
Hazel Jordan on growing among Friends
Adam Billen on challenges to connection
Jane Snyder on being a young Friend in the 1970s
Jerry Graville on raising a family among Friends
Jane on obstacles to young adults' participation
Adam on value of "affinity group" versus broader community
Hazel on building community during a transitory time of life
Zane on the need to rebuild Junior Friends community post-Covid
Paul asks about condescension between generations
Adam on older Friends discounting younger Friends' knowledge
Zane on respectful ways of sharing knowledge
Jane on respect for each person's light as a safeguard against condescension
Jerry on learning in community
Hazel on the individual journey
Paul asks about differences and commonalities
Hazel on shift away from mass social change movements
Zane on the continuity of anti-violence and on shifts in gender politics
Jerry on developments in gender politics since the 1980s
Adam on cultural changes coming in waves
Paul asks for clarifying questions
Q&A about ways panelists learned Quaker practices and history
Q&A about entering Quaker community as newcomers
Paul wraps up