Western Friend Podcast

29. Roscoe Mathieu - A Quaker Rosary

December 02, 2023 Mary Klein
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Roscoe Mathieu, a member of Central Coast Friends Meeting, joins us for episode 29. Roscoe expands on his article, A Quaker Rosary, that appeared in the November 2023 issue of Western Friend Magazine. In the second half of the episode, he takes questions from the audience.


On the Rosary and his Spiritual Practice
On Recitations
Quieting the Mind
The Significance of Memorizing Recitations
On Practice and Routine
When and Where to Practice
Opening to Questions From the Public
Paradox of Structure and Freedom
Audience Experiences
On His Daughter’s Perceptions of the Rosary
On Past Explorations of Spirituality and Why Quakerism
Audience Experience
On Robert Barclay