Western Friend Podcast

2. A Conversation with José Santos Woss

September 03, 2021
Western Friend Podcast
2. A Conversation with José Santos Woss
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In episode two of the Western Friend Podcast, we bring you a critical conversation with José Santos Woss, the Director of Justice Reform for Friends Committee on National Legislation.  We explore how he came to Quakerism as a young Black Latino man, the meaning he finds in his work, and several of the urgent projects he’s working on at the moment including advocating to end perpetual punishment and working with violence interrupters to end gun violence. Following the interview, Jon Stoll and colin cole of Soul Force Ones reflect on some of their main takeaways.

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José as a Black, Quaker, Latino
Losing and finding faith
Language and identity
Cool, perseverance
Caste and colorism
Unlearning racism
Dearth of young Quakers, Black Quakers
Agnosticism, good works, salvation
Policy work to reform law enforcement
Local work for national change
Recharging, recentering
The Remix with Jon and colin: Meditation, nature, right relationship