Western Friend Podcast

3. Cherice Bock Keynote: "Courage, Fear, and Care"

October 01, 2021 Mary Klein
Western Friend Podcast
3. Cherice Bock Keynote: "Courage, Fear, and Care"
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This episode of the Western Friend Podcast centers on the keynote address presented by Cherice Bock at the 2021 annual session of North Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Titled “Courage, Fear, and Care: Creating Resilient Communities to Meet Climate Justice”, Cherice explores some of the challenges we face in pandemic times and offers steps that we can take, individually and collectively, to address them.  She works as a Creation Justice Advocate with Oregon Interfaith Power & Light, and you can find more about her amazing work HERE.

Cherice's queries for a time of waiting worship:
- Where in your life are you feeling fear?
- Where in your life are you noticing the diving breaking through in glimpses of the beloved community?
- How are you feeling invited to courageously take a next step to participating more fully in that community?
-What's holding you back?
-With whom are you being drawn for a deeper relationship so you can partner to form a more just and resilient community?

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