Western Friend Podcast

6. In conversation with Gabriela Portillo Alvarado

January 07, 2022
Western Friend Podcast
6. In conversation with Gabriela Portillo Alvarado
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This episode features a conversation with poet and undergraduate student Gabriela Portillo Alvarado. Gabriela shares about their faith, their research, and their poetry (including an exclusive poem read for the first time!). Presented in three segments, this episode begins with the interview, followed by the Q and A session with attendees and closing with the remix, where the hosts of the Soul Force Ones podcast contemplate a few big themes from the interview.

YOU can be a part of the next episode. Join us on Tuesday, January 11th at 7pm pacific time to see the interview with Dan O'Connell, co-author of the new book, In the Struggle: Scholars and the Fight against Industrial Agribusiness in California. 

Information can be found here: https://westernfriend.org/event/interview-dan-oconnell

Gabriela's story as a young, Latinx Quaker
On their research and integration of Quaker faith
On discomfort and the responses to their keynote
On death and ongoing exploitation
On intergenerational trauma
On their relationship with the those they work with in the collection
On (not) finding balance between academic work and creative work
On the experience and process of writing in multiple languages
Relationship between death and poetry? Editing!
Respecting cultural and sacred items
On using poetry to present new perspectives
Q and A
The Remix with the Soul Force Ones